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Bonus Episode: Ben’s Interview on Dave Carney’s Podcast

May 20, 2019

Bonus Episode! Don't worry...Ben and Marcus will be back to answer your question on Physical Education.  I just wanted to share with you an interview I did with an awesome PE teacher Dave Carney!  We discuss Physical Education, teaching, and life.  Hope you enjoy!

In This Episode Ben and Dave Discuss:

  • How Ben got started in PE
  • Where Ben and Dave get the motivation to create resources for others
  • Overview of the Conflict Corner
  • Some of our favorite activities
  • Some of our favorite folks to follow on social media
  • Some of our favorite podcasts
  • Some of our favorite books
  • Some of our Goals for the future
  • How we maintain Work Life Balance

You can find Dave Carney "The Supersized PhysEd Podcast" at the link here

For full show notes and links click here (!

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